Packed full fibre, potassium, Vitamin K, A, C, manganese and folate it’s no surprise kale is commonly regarded as a superhero amongst foods. Fibre aids digestion and potassium is needed to maintain a good balance in body fluids and make sure all the nerves and muscles stay healthy. Vitamin K makes proteins to help wounds heal and to keep bones healthy. Vitamin A is crucial for growth and development and important to keep the immune system healthy. Vitamin C is needed for healing wounds, helping the body to absorb iron and normal growth and development. Manganese is needed to keep bones growing and energy levels up.


When to give to your baby

It’s a good idea to introduce your little one to the bitter taste of kale from early on in the journey. We recommend to try it after first tastes have been accepted and see how your little one gets on with it. Until your little one is chewing nicely, make sure that you blend the kale well to avoid any stringy bits that could be a choking hazard.